Ford to Produce 2 New Electric Vehicles In North America Within 2 Years

It is well known that Ford has been developing several different forms of hybrid transportation for quite some time. Just a few days ago at the North American International Auto Show, they went into detail about how they plan on utilizing the new technology and where we can expect to see it.

The first vehicle they plan on having production ready is a battery electric commercial van expected to be able to travel up to 100 miles per charge. The Ford development team is expecting to have the van ready for production by 2010.

The second is a small sedan that is a joint development project by Ford and Magna International. The drivetrain will also be battery electric and will provide almost the same range as the commercial van. The estimated date for introduction is mid 2011.

Apart from these, Ford is also in the planning stages of the next generation hybrids. This will include a plug-in version as early as 2012. The aim of this new production line is to offer a solution to the growing demand for small and midsized hybrid car platforms.

The decision to reach out to other companies was also made to help the consumer, as it will provide the necessary manpower for both development and production. It will also speed up the process of bringing the vehicles to market.

Ford Press Release NAIAS