Ford to Produce 3 Custom Kas

The Ford Ka has made a large impression on both the European and Latin American market since its introduction in 1996. To keep people interested and sales up, Ford introduced 3 new styles of the Ka, each with its own personality.


The first of the factory fitted packages is the Ka Digital. On the outside you will find a high contrast lime green paint over a glass black that is sure to stand out in any crowd. The green is also used to surround the grill and cover the front side of the mirrors and a few stripes complete the look. On the inside, the same green color brings out the headrests, center console, door handle inserts and steering wheel. The shift knob and hand brake are a combination of polished aluminum and green leather. The interior package is completed with a set of velour floor mats...with green stitching of course.


The second custom Ka is called the Grand Prix and like the first has a stunning exterior. As you can gather from the name, this is a motorsport based. The most obvious additions are the rear spoiler and white wheels, which are both optional. You can choose from either a Red based or White based color scheme which will both flow into the cabin of the Ka. The inside is similar in pattern to the Digital with the color inserts in the seats and throughout the dash and console. Colored leather and aluminum are once again used for the shift knob and brake handle.


The final custom deigned Ka is the Tattoo. A large tattoo design is placed on the roof of the vehicle and also on both sides just in front of the door. Both the interior and exterior share the love for metallic paints. The tribal heart design is carried into the headrests and also onto the anthracite colored floor mats.

Along with all of these, Ford has a range of options you can order separately. The prices for the custom Ka's will be released when production gets closer.

Via: Zer Customs

Oct 9, 2008
by Anonymous


If you get two of those ugly things then you have kaka!