Ford Transit Family One is a Parent’s Best Friend on Long Road Trips

Soon after the Ford Transit Concept was unveiled, rumors began flying around about a family oriented version of the concept that was being developed. Skip ahead to the 2009 New York International Auto Show, and you can see what could become the next big seller in the minivan market.

One look at the Family One and it is easy to see that it was developed with children in mind. The rear seating area features a pair of entertainment systems that can display 2 different programs or DVDs at the same time. Each seat has a place for headphones to keep the noise level to a low roar and the concept also has a sliding panel to separate the front 2 seats from the rear portion.

The door sills have been designed to withstand all the scribbling your toddlers can dish out and the seats have removable covers so they can be easily removed for the numerous cleanings that will inevitably happen.

The concept also makes use of folding trays in the seatbacks that can be used as a foundation for the ever popular Lego Building Blocks. A built in storage system has also be included to keep the small parts under control.

Ford has yet to reveal production information but, if the children's reactions count as a vote, you will definitely see the Family One on the road sometime soon.

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