Ford's MyKey System Limits Young Drivers

Parents will be the first to admit that one of the most stressful things they have ever gone through or will be going through is when it comes time for their teens to start driving. The dangers that present themselves are numerous and the temptations are just common. Ford is hoping to alleviate some of these worries with a new system they have named MyKey.

The system is based around a set of keys that change different setting within the vehicle depending on which one is used to start the vehicle. The master key will allow the vehicle to run normally with no restrictions. When the other key is used, a set of limits that is already stored in the car's computer is activated and the vehicle will basically run in a "safe mode."

While the system is active, the top speed is limited to 80mph and a warning chime will sound at certain intervals after you pass 45mph. The key will also limit the stereo volume to 44% of its normal maximum. Like most new vehicles, if you are not using your seatbelt an audible alarm will sound until you properly fasten yourself in. However, if the safety key is being used the stereo will not function at all until every one of the passengers have buckled up.

The MyKey system will also warn your young drivers when they are within 75 miles of running out of fuel. The system also restricts the use of vehicle safety features such as Ford's Parking Aid and Cross Traffic Alert. If you are not using the master key, the systems will remain enabled at all times regardless of driver input.

The new system is set to make its debut in the 2010 Ford Focus and then extend to other Ford vehicles shortly after that. MyKey will be a standard item on most of the lineup within a year or 2 of being introduced. The only thing Ford doesn't include in the system is a way to stop the protests from your teenagers.

From : Engadget