Forever Young Hydrating Facial Wraps Give You An Inexpensive Way To Get The Spa Look From Home


There are all kinds of events in the summer time that people want to look their best for. Weddings, high school reunions and special vacations are just a few of the occasions that people typically primp for at this time of year. Unfortunately, at this time when we’d like to look glowing, the elements are working against us. Hot sun, dry air and pool chemicals, among other things, can be pretty harsh on skin and leave it looking less than radiant. Spa treatments are an option, but they can be out of a lot of people’s price ranges, especially when they’re already spending money on a big event. However, now you can get a mini face treatment at home (or away from home) for under $10 with Forever Young Hydrating Facial Wraps.



The wraps come in convenient little packets (great for travel) which can be used as is, or warmed/cooled to suit your preferences. There are several wraps to choose from (including honey and collagen, coconut and shea butter, and cucumber and aloe) each with its own set of beauty benefits. They’re easy to use too. You just get them to your preferred temperature, open the packet and unfold the wrap, place it on your face and lay back and relax for 20 minutes. Once your time’s up you should be plumped and refreshed for a fraction of the cost of a trip to the spa. To try Forever Young Facial Wraps click here.


Source: NewBeauty

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