Forget The Unicycle, Try Lunicycle

Riding LunicycleRiding Lunicycle

Ever wanted to learn to ride a unicycle? Ever tried? It's hard. It's painfully hard sometimes. The Lunicycle gives you the same experience as a unicycle (minus the seat), however it's much easier to maintain your balance on the Lunicycle, and it won't take you months to learn to ride.

Lunicycle, another Inventist product, was designed to give the rider the same experience as riding a unicycle without the difficulty. First, Lunicycle doesn't have a seat, so you don't have to relearn balance in a different body position. You stand on Lunicycle, so you balance yourself in the same way you would while standing. 


Lunicycle's wheel is also different from a unicycle wheel. Lunicycle has an oval shaped wheel that helps to overcome the "dead spot" (that spot where the pedals are straight up and down, which is the worst angle at which to pedal) in a traditional round unicycle wheel. Furthermore, Lunicycle's pedals are low hanging, which means leg motion has less of an impact on your balance. The pedals are also equipped with leg supports that help stabilize the legs. Check out the video below to see how the Lunicycle is easier to ride than a unicycle.

If you've ever wanted to learn the unicycle, Lunicycle may be a better alternative, or at least a jumping off point. Lunicycle can also make a great gift for the kids. Or if you're just looking for a creative way to get around, Lunicycle may be the thing for you, and at around $180 it won't break the bank either. 

Source: Inventist