Forget Seeing Red…In Thailand It’s All About The Pink!

I’ve always somewhat doubted my Northern California existence, and now I know where I am meant to reside. Thailand has recently gone nuts over my favorite color, and I’m happily packing my bags in hopes I can convince my husband to relocate to the place where pink is all the rage! Okay, I might be exaggerating about my plans, however truth be told regarding the Thais’ new obsession with oh so trendy and spunky pink.

Pink Going Faster Than Hotcakes in Thailand: Source: Associated PressPink Going Faster Than Hotcakes in Thailand: Source: Associated Press
It just so happens it is the Thai president’s favorite color, and when he, at the advice of some astrologers, showed up at his 80th birthday bash in a pink suit, the country immediately ditched their traditional loyalty to yellow and switched over to the rosy hue.

Why such a sudden transition? Is the loyalty to King Bhumibol Adulyadej really that fierce, or was his innovatively shaded suit really that stunning? I have suspicions that it all goes back to the astrologers’ advice. Apparently the king was told that wearing pink would bring him good luck, which he obviously needed after spending three weeks in the hospital for a heart condition. His followers’ admiration prompted them all to ditch their everyday clothes and purchase pink as well, bargaining on the promise of the stars that wearing this power color will provide them good health while promising the longevity of Adulyadej at the same time.

King Wearing Pink: Source: Associated PressKing Wearing Pink: Source: Associated Press

Who knows if the pink craze was based off of genuine astrology or some local innovative scheme to get the king to show up to his birthday looking rather metro, but whatever the reasoning, the local economy is relishing. Over 40,000 pink shirts have been sold within the Phufa fashion chain, and many local shops in Bangkok are struggling to keep up with the demand for all things pink.

Pink Polo Shirts Hit The Scene: Source: Laughingplacestore.comPink Polo Shirts Hit The Scene: Source:

One consumer even camped out of a clothing retailer at 4am just to make sure she got her hands first on the newest shipment of pink apparel. Good luck and prosper to all? Good luck to everyone who wears pink? Well definitely to Thailand’s small business owners…

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Dec 6, 2007
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This is entire

This is entire country selling their souls for pink shirts!