Forget Time With The Whatever I'm Late Anyway Clock

The Late Anyway Clock moves away from our traditional idea of the clock, with the numbers forming a circle around the focal center of the hands, and places them randomly on the clock face, without any apparent order.

The effect is at once shocking and provoking. We are forced to reassess our usual notions of time, with all of its 21st century constraints, and ask ourselves, "What time is it? And am I going to be late?"

It is as though we are without time, falling, if it were possible, through a void where nothing exists. Not even a bagel store at 3am when you've got the munchies. And if we are falling, where will we end up? And when, for goodness sake, if all we have is this clock?

The Late Anyway Clock is an enduring piece. Yet what exactly do we mean by enduring, if anything?

In a world where time is nothing, which is where the Late Anyway Clock ultimately takes us, will we ever make it to work on time again? And will we lose pay if we don't?

I don't know, but you can get a Late Anyway Clock on Amazon.

Hurry! Don't be late.

Batteries are not included. But who cares?