Forget YouTube! Fliggo Helps You Make Your Own Video Site

Maybe you're a casual video watcher, or maybe you spend your days vlogging, or maybe even you and your friends all make your own videos.  Whatever the case, you'll definitely be interested in a new site that lets you build your very own social media web site.  Fliggo makes creating your own video site a snap.

When you start off with Fliggo, you'll have to name your site, and get a URL through Fliggo's servers.  For now, all URLs have "" as a format. But Fliggo is soon going to enable users to use their own custom domains when making a site.  After that provide a quick description of your site, either upload a video or grab one from YouTube, and choose from one of the layout schemes, and your site is good to go.

Users who register with your site will have to conform to whatever privacy parameters you have set.  If you want your site to be available to everyone, then they can just register and immediately start using the site.  You can also set privacy to make new registrations get approval before they are active, or make the site by invitation only.  In all three cases, the users can choose an avatar, comments on videos, and upload either from their computer or through a YouTube URL.

There's a ton of different options you can use to make your video site work for you.  As the "owner" of your Fliggo site, you can also control how videos are uploaded.  If you choose to moderate what videos get put on the site, you'll have to approve each one before it becomes available.  The same option is available for comments, and for either you can switch the feature completely off if you want to.  This allows for easy controlling of your site's content and takes out the hassle of manually moderating the site.  You can allow search engines to find your site, and link it with a Google Analytics account to measure activity on the site.

At the time of this article being written, all features of the site were found to be fully operational, and the site's owners are promising even more in the future.  Soon they want to roll out premium accounts which will have enhanced options at a nominal price, but for now the site is free, so take advantage!  Having your own video site is fun, and you can get involved with the members of Fliggo to check out their sites and help draw attention to your own.  This is definitely one hella-cool site, and we want to see what you guys can come up with using this unique service.  Link your Fliggo site in the comments below, and let's see who can make the coolest video site.