Forgetful? Create Virtual Sticky Notes on Postica

I'm usually not one for organizing my files, or life in general — hence the perpetual state of chaos in which I often find myself — but Postica, an online service that lets users post virtual sticky notes on a personal note board, is pretty cool. Not only can you create quick reminders to yourself, you can upload documents and files to notes and share them with friends, family, colleagues, anyone.

How it works

On Postica, creating sticky notes is almost as easy as signing up, which takes about 15 seconds according to the site. Other services such as 3M's Post-it Digital Notes offer software you can download for a fee. With Postica, everything's done online, so there's no application to download. And it's free.

To post a note, just click on "Stick It!" and a menu will appear as below.

Rearrange notes by clicking and dragging. Delete a note by dragging it to the trash can. You can also edit a note by double clicking on it. The site will remember your changes, and your notes will appear the same way on every computer, so you can go crazy without having to worry that a note will just disappear into cyperspace.

Other features include the ability to attach files such as Word documents or photos (up to 5 MB) to sticky notes; change the color of notes for easier management or esthetic reasons; and share notes and files with others for work or fun.

The site states that you can send sticky notes to friends and family even if they don't have an account. I'm not quite sure how that works, as I tried sending a note using an alternative e-mail address; nothing happened, except for a change in the status of notes shared. But if you send a note to someone who's already on Postica, that person will be able to view it on his or her personal message board. Yes, I tried it out.

Another cool thing is you can post notes using Twitter. When you add Postica as a friend on Twitter, you can use direct messaging to stick notes via SMS, IM or the Twitter site.

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Why it's useful

If you need to access a file on different computers, it's quick and easy to upload it to Postica, compared to e-mailing the file to yourself or hunting for that USB key. In fact, I found myself using the site for that purpose while working on this article on a desktop computer and then relocating with a laptop. OK, efficiency goes out the window with multiple files, since you would need to create a note for each file. Otherwise, it works great for transferring one or two documents.

Along with posting quick reminders, sharing and managing files, and social networking, Postica could potentially be used for organizing thoughts and ideas, brainstorming and collaborating on group projects. However, the maximum limit of 140 characters per note (same as a tweet in Twitter) could limit its use, or at least present a challenge.

Still, did I mention it's easy to use and free? What more can an absent-minded visual learner with attention deficit and limited funds ask for? If I can think of an answer to that question, I'll be sure to post a sticky note about it — if I remember.


Jul 7, 2008
by Anonymous

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