Forgot to take Fido to the Vet? Try the Calendar Shower Curtain

Why is it when you are at your most indecent, that an important date comes to you. For me, this is when I'm in the shower. Usually I'll be lathered up with shampoo dripping into my eyes when I remember that I was supposed to call Uncle Jimmy and wish him a happy birthday. Or I'll be taking a bubble bath and someone is knocking at my door because we had a date that night. (Okay, okay, that last one's never happened...yet.)

That is where this product comes in. From Firebox , the Calendar Shower Curtain is perfect for writing down things you remember while taking a shower. It can also double as a diary because each day of the year is listed. "Dear Diary, I am writing to you from the shower. I think I will shave my armpits today."

And what's better than a calendar shower curtain? A black waterproof pen.

That's right, this curtain comes with a waterproof black pen so that you are able to jot details down at a moments notice.

This also makes a great gift idea because before you give it to someone, you can write your birthday in the appropriate spot and a list of gifts you would like to receive. At least that's what I would do. And if someone regifts it, boy will they be embarassed!

The layout is pretty simple. It looks like a giant map with lines on it.

I could imagine many uses for this besides in the shower. You could use it to cover up a homeless person. Or maybe a teenager wanting to be different would decide to wear this to prom. I could even see this product used in a horror movie, where the cute girl is taking a shower and the killer creeps up on her, ripping the shower curtain down. But before he kills her, he stops, sees the Calendar Shower Curtain and is instantly reminded that he had a doctor's appointment that day. Hmm, this product might even be a lifesaver. 

What do you think?

Source: Firebox

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