A Fork That Tells You When To Eat: Great Idea?

US patent #5421089 was issued back in 1995, and it is not known what exactly inspired the inventor to create this method of forced slower eating. Perhaps he or she was in a traffic jam awaiting the change of a light and thought, “Ah, I’ve got it! An alarm fork!” Obviously meant to be helpful, the Alarm Fork is a distortion of the principle, ‘less food, less weight gain.’ To block its effect, is far too easy, for all the user has to do is simply put the fork down and pick up another that won’t talk back.



How does the Alarm Fork work you may ask? Well, the rigid dinner fork has a head, four spaced and aligned tines, which extend from the head, and a handle, which permits the user to grip the fork tightly. The fork is equipped with sensors, which cue the emission of a red light, which means, STOP EATING! Now the user must wait to pass go and collect $200 dollars until a green light appears, which means, take another bite and be quick about it!

The coding and circuitry of the Alarm Fork is all as well-intentioned as could ever be expected, but the inventor did not take into account the frustration level of the user which is destined to rise with each passing beep. Such feelings could easily result in the alarm fork being either bent out of shape or thrown out of the nearest window.

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Happy appetite!

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