Fine Reproductions Re-Create Desire For Piero Fornisetti's Designs

A master interior designer of the 20th Century, Piero Fornasetti (1913 - 1988) was a prolific painter, sculptor, and engraver as well. Fornasetti's works, thanks to his son Barnaba, live on in authentic reproductions of furniture that have been handcrafted and hand-colored every bit as carefully as he would have done himself.

As these works, originally created from the 1950's to the 1980's, were only recently released in limited quantities, I thought I should share them while they are still available. All items are numbered, dated, and hand-signed by the artist who carefully colored Fornasetti's original drawings and paintings.


Piero Fornasetti Small Curved Cabinet Designs

These 51" cabinets contain three interior shelves each 36" wide and 13" deep. Though the cabinets were designed by Barnaba Fornisetti, handcrafted by Atelier, Milan, the drawings are his father's, and are hand colored by an artist, who numbers, dates, and signs each cabinet. Learn more here!






Piero Fornasetti Corner Cabinet Designs

Corner cabinets are so difficult to find, anyway, but these are works of art! Again, handcrafted and hand-painted by the finest Italian artisans, these truly rare pieces are ever so gorgeous and utilitarian. The 31" by 27" corner cabinets are perfect for living and dining areas, where they can hold fine linens or silver. Learn more about the Fornasetti Corner Cabinets here.




Piero Fornasetti Magazine Rack Designs

There are nine different designs in this very charming group of Fornasetti Magazine Racks; here are a few. Note the moon shape of the Luna Magazine Rack below, as well as the Fornasetti's use of trompe l'oeil in the Libri Magazine Rack.





Piero Fornasetti Chair Designs

What a character Fornasetti must have been. His inspirations are so eclectic and so whimsical. I guess that's why this chair series is so popular. There are several different designs in the series; here are some that are representative. Visit more from Fornasetti's Chair Series here.



Spring and Summer are represented below; Autumn and Winter are also available.




Piero Fornasetti Desk Designs

The 51" high Fornasetti desks were designed by Gio Ponti for Fornasett; however the exteriors are Fornasetti drawings. There are several desks in the series in two different styles: here are my favorites!




Piero Fornisetti Umbrella Stand Designs

These clever umbrella stands are all created in trompe l'oeil design, and I've chosen my favorite to share. Though there are 11 umbrella stands in the series, two offer color and black and white versions and the cat designs offer different breeds of cats!






Whether you are an art collector, design collector, or just an admirer of fine furniture, this is a good time to consider the opportunity to purchase pieces in the Fornasetti furniture series.



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