The Fotokite Phi Is The Perfect Drone For Beginners

Flying your first drone can be very intimidating. There's so many things to keep up with and you definitely don't want to crash your $3,000 new toy. There are options out there for beginners, however, and the Fotokite Phi is one of them. The Fotokite takes everything you like about drones, but keeps it on a small, and manageable, scale.

Off the bat, you'll notice one major difference about this Fotokite Phi drone in comparrison to others on the market . There is a tether. "Say what?" Yup, a tether. There's no GPS on this drone so instead of just eyeballing it, a tether is required to keep the drone close. It comes with a 26 foot tether, but others will be available. The Fotokite uses a GoPro (sold separately) to capture video. Just point it in the general direction you want and the inertial-sensors will do some fancy math and the drone will literally fly right out of your hand.

The Fotokite Phi is super lightweight. It comes in at only 12oz (not including the GoPro) and can fold up to the size of a thermos, meaning you can take it pretty much anywhere without worrying about the added weight. The Fotokite will also charge the GoPro you attach to it, meaning you will not have to worry about a GoPro battery weighing you down.

It only has a 15 minute battery life, but you can quickly charge it via USB. Using a USB Type-C charger, the Fotokite can charge fully in as little as half an hour.

The Fotokite Phi is currently being funded on IndieGoGo so if you like what you see, make sure to head over there and consider investing in one of the "Early Bird Specials."


Photos courtesy of Fotokit Phi.

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