Four-Door Electric New Beetle Isn't All It Appears To Be

Volkswagen's New Beetle (and the “old beetle” as well) not only looks best as a 2-door, it's always & only been available as such. Perhaps we've spoken too soon: an extremely Beetle-y looking sedan prototype that's electrically powered to boot has cropped up to the delight of Beetle fans – and likely VW's chagrin.

Decked out in metallic orange paint with only the bare rudiments of an interior, the as yet unnamed vehicle was spied at the 2015 Shandong International Electric Vehicle & New Energy Vehicle Exhibition currently underway in Jinan, China. When asked what it was, staffers at VIDOEV's display could only state the obvious: it's a “Beetle-style car.” Well duh!

VIDOEV, based just west of Jinan in the town of Zouping, manufacturers a variety of low-speed electric vehicles, electric minivans, and electric minibuses. A glimpse at their website (which even has a basic English page) reveals vehicles that look at least generic – a bonus for Chinese carmakers too often tempted to flatter foreign designers through imitation.

With their Beetlish sedan, however, VIDOEV has succumbed to temptation BIG TIME. The vehicle is only about an inch longer and four inches wider than the current (since 2011) A5 model New Beetle with the main difference being those four kinda clunky doors. VIDOEV even added a pair of chromed exhaust pipes that are strictly for show, being that it's electrically powered.

Assuming VIDOEV eventually brings this concept into production – barring some sort of protest by VW's legal beagles – owners can expect travel speeds to be, well, beetle-like. That's due to the car being an LSEV (Low-Speed Electric Vehicle) that will likely be low-priced if the trend in Chinese LSEV's is to be followed.

That means a heavy lead-acid battery pack providing the juice... no Lithium Ion expensive tech here, bro! Speaking of which, Car News China states the projected sticker price for this vehicle will be in the neighborhood of 100,000 yuan or $16,000. Hopefully by then VIDOEV will have come up with a name.