There's A Fragrance Feast Out There In Wax Tarts!

Isn't it frustrating to purchase a fragrant candle, light it up, and your fragrance goes up in smoke?  Literally, it does; half the time all you smell is smoke. When you light a candle directly, you are burning it, and that smell tends to overcome the fragrance that may be in it.

Yesterday, I wrote about tart warmers, promoting their use instead of candles for home fragrance.   They make fragrance last longer and, because the wax and fragrance is not burning directly, but warming, the fragrance is stronger, and there's no smell of smoke.

So today, I thought I'd give you an introduction on what to expect when purchasing the tarts themselves.


1.  Tart Waxes

Most tarts are made of candle wax and most candles are still made of paraffin.  Paraffin is made from petroleum and is a fast burner, although less expensive than other available candle waxes.  There is also an environmental concern about paraffin because it does emit some toxic substances.  

Environmentally concerned candle and tart makers usually use beeswax or soy wax.  Of course, soy wax is less expensive and has the same pluses as beeswax - it burns slowly and cleanly, emitting no toxic fumes into the air. Not only tarts, but tea lights are available in soy wax, such as those below by Soyworx.


 Unscented Tea Lights by SoyworxUnscented Tea Lights by Soyworx


2. Tart Package Images

First, so that you not be too disappointed, generally the images you see when you're looking at tart fragrances are not necessarily what your fragrance tarts will look like, but what they smell like.  For example, this beautiful image does not show the tarts, but it is intended to stimulate your 'scent' memory of the fragrance of  Granny's Cookies and how they made you feel.  That's the same scent as the tarts, even though the tarts are in 1 inch cubes.


Granny's Cookies Soy Wax Melts by EccoLightsGranny's Cookies Soy Wax Melts by EccoLights


But the tarts below are made to smell and look like chocolate chip cookies, so there are some tarts that are actually decorative as well as fragrant.


Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookie Wax Tart MeltsHomemade Chocolate Chip Cookie Wax Tart Melts


Here's another decorative tart made by MIEZ101.  They are Round Cake Bites that come in this form regardless of the scent you order.


Round Cake Bite soy wax tarts from MIEZ 101Round Cake Bite soy wax tarts from MIEZ 101



3.  Tart Scents

Of course, not all tarts are made to smell like something is cooking.  There are all sorts of scents available in tarts, maybe even more than in candles....

For example, Ecoscents makes a wide variety of very light, subtle fragrances for the home...


Ecoscents tarts for the home.Ecoscents tarts for the home.


Candlelicious makes some amazing food-fragranced tarts like Coconut and Reese's Peanut Butter Cup!


Candlelicious Reese's Cup and Coconut tarts!Candlelicious Reese's Cup and Coconut tarts!


Beanpod Soy Beads has several scents for meditation, relaxation, and sleep....


 Beanpod Soy BeadsBeanpod Soy Beads


And EccoLights specializes in more complicated scents like those found in perfumes... The shop is offering 10 percent off to our readers before Christmas; just checkout with the word INVENTSOMETHING and the discount will be made.

Though Eccolights scents are not necessarily perfumy, you might say the sexier fragrances like I'm Too Sexy, Amber Romance, and EXTREMELY Sexy For Him can be found there.... 


 Eccolights 'EXTREMELY Sexy for Him'Eccolights 'EXTREMELY Sexy for Him'


4.  Tart Sizes And Shapes

Tarts are small - much smaller than candles. The most common shapes for tarts are similar to an actual mini pie tart, like this...


Yankee Tarts Wax Potpourri. Rhubarb PlumYankee Tarts Wax Potpourri. Rhubarb Plum


And in cubes, usually about an inch square, like this...


Wax Melts Gift SetWax Melts Gift Set


But tarts aren't the only thing suitable for tart warmers.  You can burn wax that's been shaved off a candle, or burn a votive candle and make it last forever.  You can burn wax potpourri, sometimes shaped like thin leaves and other in little balls. Potpourri often comes in pure single scents, enabling you to experiment with mixing your own combination of scents, as with the Beanpod Soy Beads above, and these fruit scented potpourri...


Fruits Potpourri Wax ChipsFruits Potpourri Wax Chips


The smaller the tart, the faster it will warm, but you will want to think about the size of your tart warmer and the distance between the tea light or other warmer.  Also, if there is a cover over the tart, or if the tart warmer is small (less than 4 inches), you should reduce the size of the tart.

Need ideas for Tart Warmers? See 10 + Tart Warmer Gifts For The Best Home Fragrances