Frame Napkin Shows Off Your Good Taste

The Frame Napkin from Japan's Kyouei Design allows one to make a mess in the mess hall, then hang the results on the mess hall wall.

Call it food for thought if you like; Kyouei Design calls it the Frame Napkin. The concept is disarmingly basic: a plain white cloth dinner napkin measuring 490mm × 525mm (19.5 x 21 inches) overlaid with the image of an ornate antique wooden picture frame. Cute to be sure, but is it art? Not yet... that's where YOU come in.

Like a brand new canvas, the Frame Napkin is a story waiting to be told - ideally, around the dining room table. Tuck one corner into your collar and go all Henry VIII on a turkey drumstick, or lay it down flat as a placemat while you eat, drink, and wave a sausage to punctuate the more potent portions of your mealtime rant.

When dinner and dessert are done, well, so's your flan-tastic abstract work of art! Hold it up for admirers to ohh & ahh over... if they liked that chimp flinging paint on the wall, they'll love your real meal mess-terpiece! (via Gigazine)