Fraunhofer Institute working on 3-Dimensional Dashboard

Car dashboards are slowly but steadily becoming a conglomeration of technology. More and more information can be readily displayed upon request and in some cases, the entire thing can be customized right down to the finest detail. In keeping with this progression, Fraunhofer Institute has developed what could be the next big jump in dashboard technology.

Their dashboard design actually displays where your vehicle is in relation to its 3-D. No, you don't need to wear those ever-so-popular glasses either. Inside the car is a set of cameras that monitor where your eyes are and in what direction they are looking. From this, the system can determine how to project the images to achieve the three dimensional effect.

Along with your location, the dash will also display the information we are used to seeing. A speedometer and fuel gauge will most always be present, while tire pressure, route information and the title of the song you are listening to can also be displayed. Assumedly, a tachometer will also be available.

The system is still in prototype status, but Fraunhofer is working hard to make it a reality.