Fraunhofer Peers Into The Mobile 3D Market

One of the most quickly expanding markets in the visual industry is the world of 3D television and movies, and German research firm Fraunhofer has found a way to make the third dimension mobile.


Years ago, tiny-screened  cellphones were the norm, with pitiful download times and screens so small numbers could barely be read. The smart phone revolution has done away with such cellphone foolery once and for all and given users access to not only streaming data but a 2D video that is both easy on the eyes and fast to download.


Now the market had turned its attention to 3D television and movies with both gaming devices like the Nintendo 3DS and TV brands poised to deliver stereoscopic viewing options by the end of the year. Fraunhofer has jumped into the mix to provide Multiview Video Coding on a consistent basis to cell and smarthphones alike. MVC is able to code both 2D and 3D images and deliver them to smartphones in a priority system at the point o fservice, meaning that a provider can offer both free 2D viewing and the option to upgrade for 3D for a fee, but contain both images within the same signal.


Set to be shown at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the MVC coding is intended to provide a viable all-around coding solution that can operate even in less than ideal conditions such as a traveling car. In addition, the MVC allows afilm’s size to be reduced by a significant amount – a plus in a world where increased traffic costs and bandwidth restrictions are becoming commonplace.


While this technology doesn’t eliminate the current problem facing 3D movies – the need for cumbersome glasses – it is a step in the right direction for enhancing the use of mobile devices and continuing to place them atthe edge of technological development.

Source: Fraunhofer