Fred & Friends Fuzzy Face Photo Frame Brings Old School Fun

When I was a kid toys were simpler. No, I’m not talking a ball and a set of jacks (I'm not that old), but they were definitely more basic than what my kids play with. When I think about those old toys sometimes I wonder what I ever found entertaining about them, but there were some that were tons of fun, despite their simplicity. One of my favorites was the ‘Wooly Willy’ game. You know – the one with the bald, bare faced, red-nosed guy who you could make a lot hairier by dragging your little magnetic wand across the iron filings under the cover. Well, now Fred & Friends has brought that same fun back with their Fuzzy Face Photo Frame.

This new version is a twist on the original, given that it's a photo frame. This means that you can put whatever face you want behind the play area and go nuts. If you’ve ever wanted to doodle some crazy hair on pictures of your friends and family (and who hasn’t), here’s your chance. Imagine your best friend with bristly ear hair or your sister with a goatee. In fact, if you have an old picture of your ex kicking around you could haul that out and really have some fun.

This looks like it would make a great gift, but I think I would have to buy two because I know I’d want to keep it. To have a closer look at the Fuzzy Face Photo Frame or to pick one up click here.