Freedom From Dust And Filters With Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Vacuum (Review)

Dyson recently revealed it's newest innovation in vacuum technology with the Dyson CineticTM  Big Ball Vacuum Cleaners.


In Dyson's relentless pursuit of creating the best vacuum cleaners on the planet, they have made a new great leap forward in vacuum cleaner technology. Many years ago, Dyson invented the first vacuum without a vacuum bag. But in order to maintain suction power, vacuum cleaners still needed to have a filter for fine dust that it collected. Like  all other vacuums,  Dyson's vacuums required a filter. More than 20 years after inventing the bagless vacuum, Dyson has revolutionized vacuum technology by inventing a vacuum that does not need a filter. You can read about the science behind the filter free technology here.

If I had to list all the features I would want in the perfect vacuum cleaner, having a machine that has and maintains powerful suction is at the top of my list. But in order not to lose suction power, you normally need to be vigilant in cleaning or replacing the filter in order to maintain suction.  Dyson's new technology promised to free you from the filter and so when offered the opportunity to try out their new technology,  I jumped at the chance. I  own the Dyson Cordless DC 59 Animal, which I love. But I hate having to clean the filter on it. It is not a big deal but having to wash and dry the filter is annoying and I hate having the clutter of having the filter laying around air drying after I clean my house. I thought having a vacuum that did not require cleaning or replacing the filter was definitely something to get excited about. 

I did this review because I have a thing for vacuum cleaners. I  currently own 2 upright vacuum cleaners and 1 canister vacuum cleaner in addition to  4 different hand vacuum cleaners as well as a Dyson cordless wand vacuum cleaner. So I have a total of 8 vacuums  to clean just one 3000 square feet house.  I keep buying vacuum cleaners trying to find the perfect combination of features and functions. All of these vacuums came in real handy when I used them to compare against and review the new vacuum from Dyson. 

Dyson sent me the Cinetic Big Ball Animal + Allergy Vacuum to try out. Here's what I found:

Cinetic Animal + Allergy Review

The Cinetic cleaner looks very similar to their other upright vacuums. The overall look of the machine is cool and powerful. It has an all plastic canister made with the same type of durable plastic that they use in riot gear. It also has the distinctive Dyson Ball  that holds the motor and steering. I thought the machine looked  as sexy as a vacuum can look.

Assembling the vacuum was super easy - it was essentially a three piece assembly of the base unit, the upright arm and the extension wand that fits inside the arm. I had no problems assembling the vacuum and it only took a few minutes.

I was wondering how I would best test the vacuum when I received it as my house is usually pretty clean. ( I do own 8 vacuums after all.) I assumed I would probably need to throw stuff around the floors to properly  test the machine. Luckily, I received the Cinetic the day after my Christmas party so I was super excited to try it out on the huge mess left from the party.

The Cinetic Cleaner is noticeably more powerful than my other two uprights and even stronger than my favorite canister vacuum. The suction was so strong that instead of having to run through my deep shag rug in the living room twice with the vacuum like I normally do, I just did one round with the Cinetic and felt satisfied that the rug was clean.  It pretty much picked up everything on the floors in one pass.

It did take some getting used to in maneuvering the Dyson Cinetic into the corners and crevices in my home. I wasn't used to the Dyson ball technology  and the vacuum was heavy (20 pounds),  so it took me a little bit of time to learn how to steer the vacuum where I wanted it to go. The machine is powerful but I felt like I lost some of the maneuverability and ease of use of my canister vacuum. When I first started using the Cinetic, I thought that the machine was not going to replace my favorite canister vacuum.  But then, I noticed the dust bin was filling up and filling up fast. I was shocked at how much dirt the Cinetic picked up!  I had to empty the canister several times during my first cleaning with the vacuum.

What was really noticeable was the amount of super fine dust that the vacuum picked up. I wondered if it was just my imagination so I ended up ripping open my vacuum bag from my canister vacuum to see if there was a difference in what was collected and there was! The Dyson picked up much more of the super fine dust than my canister, leaving me with convincing evidence that my rugs really were actually cleaner! The Cinetic has whole machine HEPA filtration and Dyson's marketing materials claim that their technology is so strong that it captures pollen, mole spores and even bacteria. I couldn't see the bacteria or mold spores but I did notice super fine dust particles my other vacuums does not pick up so I am now a believer. After my first cleaning session with the vacuum, I decided that I'd gladly give up the maneuverability with the smaller and lighter head of a canister vacuum for the power and cleaning ability of the Cinetic.


Notable Features Of The Cinetic Vacuum

Here are some of the other features of the Cinetic vacuum that are worth highlighting:

1. The Cinetic Animal + Allergy came with 4 special  tools to help remove allergens with a little tool bag to carry it around. They have what Dyson describes as a a unique "tangle free turbine tool" that  is great for pet hair and that  I absolutely love. I wish that they had the tangle free option for the main vacuum head as well.  I can't go into detail on the 4 tools but I think they are miles ahead of the basic tools provided on most other vacuums. They even have a special tool designed for cleaning your mattress that I thought was pretty amazing. 

2. The vacuum also comes with their Quick-draw Telescope Reach™ wand. I absolutely loved the instant release hose and wand. It is so convenient not to have to switch parts or connect anything in order to use the wand. You just push up a hinge cover and pull out the wand and then you can use it to clean all the things where a long wand is more useful, like vacuuming the molding and behind the sofa. It's so easy!

3. I also loved the self adjusting cleaner head. Rather than having to adjust the head height of the cleaner  constantly as I go from my bare wood floors to my rugs, Dyson adjusted to the floor type automatically so that it had great suction on various types of flooring.

4. The canister is clear so you can quickly see when it is getting full. It was really easy to open and empty out by simply pressing on a with a button that drop opened the bottom of the bag on a hinge. Another feature is that the outside of the canister comes off, so there's no need to dig out clumps of dirt that get lodged inside.

5. There was one feature of the Cinetic that bugged me. With uprights, when you want the machine to just stand up by itself, there is a pedal or some type of catch that you can use to put your machine on stand mode. Dyson has a catch that snaps on automatically but with the Dyson, I got the clicking sound but the catch did not always lock in place so the handle fell along with the vacuum.  It happened quite a lot the first few times I used the vacuum so it definitely takes getting used to so that you can make sure the machine is properly positioned to stand upright on its own.

6. The  power cord was really long (35 feet ) so I did not have to constantly plug and unplug the machine. That was nice. But having to manage the super long cord is something I find cumbersome and awkward.   It was also annoying that all 35 feet of the power cord had to be completely unraveled in order to use the vacuum properly. The power cord is positioned right on top of the wand, so there is no way keep the cord short and use the wand,  so you are always having to manage 35 feet long power cord. 

Filter Free Technology 

The new filter-free feature works great. I used the vacuum several times after the big party cleanup to try to clog it up, and the vacuum never lost its suction. I know that with my Dyson handheld, I need to clean the filter at least once a month so not having to do that is terrific. I already have enough things to clean without having to clean my cleaning tool. Having freedom from the filter is fabulous. 


The Dyson is an excellent vacuum cleaner. I don't think the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal + Allergy Vacuum  works well for every situation or for everybody.  It's really big and powerful so it's a lot of machine for small or quick cleaning jobs or for those who can't handle or want such a big machine. But when combined with the Dyson cordless wand for smaller task, I think I may have finally found the combination of vacuum features that I have been pining for.

Dyson's vacuums are pricey. When my husband wanted to buy the Dyson Cordless for $500, I almost had a heart attack and I initially tried to talk him out of it. But after learning all the ways it can be used in my house,  I have grown to love that vacuum. That $500 cordless vacuum is now something I use very day and  I tell people is a must buy.  It really is the best handheld vacuum I have ever used. I think I am going to feel the same way about the new Cinetic. Every time I use the Cinetic, I discover something new and clever about it.  And sometimes, it really is smart and frugal to invest your money in something of high quality and function.  

Dyson's vacuums featuring the new Cinetic technology will be available through QVC starting on January 15, and will be available at other major retailers on March 1. The cheaper canister model will be priced  at $549, and the premium  Big Ball version with both animal and allergy accessories that I tried out  will be priced at $699. You can read more about the vacuum at Dyson.

(Update: The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Vacuum is now available at most majore retailers including Amazon here and priced lower than when officially launched.)


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