Free iPhone App For The Mobile Dog: Eukanuba's OFF LEASH

Buddy's getting restless.  He's been crated in the back of the car for two hours and that's a long time for a dog to be cooped up; but where can you stop to get him some exercise?

Thanks to a new iPhone application, you won't have to worry about your dog's exercise needs when you're on the road.  Eukanuba has just released the OFF LEASH dog park locator and it's free! 

The OFF LEASH application finds nearby dog parks for you, wherever you are.  iPhone and iPod Touch users can just click the "Locate Me" feature and then, in the Eukanuba application, hit the "Dog Park Locator" and the five closest OFF LEASH areas will pop up on your screen.  When you pick one, driving directions from where you are to the dog park will appear.

Eukanuba's OFF LEASH is a work in progress. Right now, the application applies only to dog parks in the U.S., but in the future, Eukanuba will add iPhone apps for other countries. Even the U.S. database is not complete, but Eukanuba will update the database every two to three weeks, so definitely email your favorite parks to, if you don't find them in the current database.

Eukanuba TV is another feature of the OFF LEASH application, featuring cute videos, training tips, breed information, and other stuff dog lovers love. 

Download the 2.7MB OFF LEASH app at the iTunes Store, or visit for more information.


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Sep 8, 2009
by Anonymous

Another great dog app

If you're looking for dog friendly iPhone apps check out It is kind of the Yelp for all things dog friendly including dog parks. It also lists many regular parks with off leash areas that are not in the Eukanuba app. The Fido Factor coverage is primarily San Francisco, Boston, and some NYC right now but national coverage is planned for late 2009. Fido Factor also has a website where you can write reviews and share them with friends.