Free iPod Music Program Can Release Your Inner DJ

Like a blue moon, it’s very rare to find anything at all for free on iTunes. But that’s now changed as a new music application has scratched off its price tag.

Source: Harmony Central

Recently announced, the MixMeister Scratch is the first DJ program for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The application lets users feel like a DJ-in-the-making by giving them the chance to scratch on top of their music in seconds.

To get started, all a user has to do is play a song on their mobile device and select a scratch from the program’s collection of vinyl sounds. Along with turning the tables on their music, individuals can also adjust the volume of the music in real time.

The application sounds like a great idea but there’s one drawback: the program isn’t available for all iPod users. Since it’s extremely interactive, it’s only available for the iPhone, iPhone 3G and the iPod Touch. But hopefully they can come out with free versions for the aspiring DJ’s who use other models!

To find out more information or to even see a video of how the program works, you can visit their website.

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