Like Free Stuff? Sign Up For Matterbox's Creative Marketing Program

Matterbox uses a sneaky marketing tactic that you just can't help but like. They offer potential consumers boxes of free stuff that they feel would be useful or interesting for their target audience in order to recruit new business for their clients.

Matterbox is kind of a combination of , which provides lucky users with a t-shirt of their choice for marketing purposes and The Something Store, which sends consumers a box or random stuff for a fee.

Once users sign up for their free site, they fall into Matterbox's clutches for life. While boxes are sent out every Saturday, each individual will not receive shipments on a regular basis; so once you sign up don't go running to your mailbox when Monday rolls around expecting your box of marketing, because you'll only be disappointed.

Each box they send out goes to a select user group, otherwise known as their target audience; criteria may be based around age, demographic, location or more since they also ask questions about your life and work, interests and social lifestyle. Naturally, these boxes contain items from companies that will be appealing to the recipients.

When I first heard about this concept, I have to admit that I thought "oh great, a box of marketing material: a.k.a. flyers and pamphlets that I will begrudgingly toss into my recycling bin." However, when I found my way to their Latest Box page to see just what their box-o-stuff happens to contain, I was pretty impressed and immediately clicked on Get Free Matter to sign myself up. To my disappointment, the purposeful items like introductions to mass paperback novels, audio CD samplers, all natural body wash and shampoo, and Cadbury's latest chocolate bar will not appear in my mailbox, since I do not reside in the UK.
















Businesses interested in using Matterbox's unique services to market their company can fill out a form online in order to receive more information about costs and their marketing options. Since Matterbox makes a habit to distribute only those items that are useful and appreciated, it's a great way to spread the word about a new business or introduce a new product released by a known company.

For everyone else - if you are in an area that Matterbox ships to, sign up; every time the mail delivery person comes around with one of these boxes in hand, it will feel like your birthday. And really, why not, it's free; I won't tell anyone you're bowing down to consumerism.

Jan 24, 2009
by Anonymous



Thanks for covering Matterbox. Glad you like the concept. International Matterbox in being planned - we'll let you know when we're ready to go!

Warren @ Matter