Free Your Sole: Five Finger Shoes For Toes On The Go

Box those clunky Crocs; Tokyo footwear retailer Globe has announced three new styles of Five Finger Shoes that will go on sale in mid-January of 2011.

Though other manufacturers such as Vibram have offered sporty, open sandals in the “five finger” separated toe design before, Globe's sneakers are fully enclosed and are meant to be worn during any type of activity, in any season.

Priced at 12,800 yen (about $150) per pair, Five Finger Shoes will be initially offered in white with either red or black trim, or in an all-black color scheme.

The innovative design features a detailed, articulated sole that allows each toe a limited range of motion as opposed to typical shoes and sneakers.

According to Globe, the Five Finger, separate-toe design improves balance, enhances blood circulation and provides a more natural “barefoot feel” when performing outdoor activities such as walking your dog, gardening, playing sports or basically any time you'd wear regular shoes or sneakers.

If Globe's stated benefits of improved comfort and better health pan out, Five Finger Shoes could be the next trend in stylish casual footwear - and really, anything's an improvement on those godawful Crocs! (via Walker Plus)

Dec 29, 2010
by Boomer Babe


These are so cool! And they look so comfortable.  Thanks for covering these, Steve!