Freedom Tower Will Tower Over NYC's Skyline

When the World Trade Center landmark twin towers were completed in May, 1973, they rose 1450 feet to become the tallest buildings in the world, surpassing the Empire State Building. Its demise as the result of the horrific devastation of September 11, 2001 has launched a decade of debates as to what type of architecture could possibly replace its iconic imagery remembered by so many.

George W. Bush's immediate reaction was to rebuild the site "bigger and better" than before, but tomorrow on the tenth year anniversary, when Barack Obama presides over National 9/11 Memorial Plaza, Freedom Tower is just now creeping its way heavenward to takes its place as the latest entry into Manhattan's ever-evolving skyline.

Over the course of the last several months, I have photographed the construction phases chronicling its emergence onto the downtown Manhattan scene.

Construction of the Freedom Tower!Construction of the Freedom Tower!
There were numerous proposals for the rebuilding of Ground Zero, including demands to replicate the twin towers themselves. Polish-American architect Daniel Libeskind eventually emerged from the competitive bids with the plans for a spiralling Freedom Tower, 1776 feet (541m) high [recalling the date of American Independence] and "reasserting the pre-eminence of freedom and beauty".

At the base of the Freedom Tower, there will be a plaza with square sunken memorial reflective pools filling in the foundations of the old towers. The planned adjoining buildings will be arranged around the Freedom Tower so that the sun's rays would emerge as a "wedge of light" from behind the new skyscrapers each year at the exact time of the attack to illuminate the square.

For me - while consensus as to whether or not the Freedom Tower was the appropriate replacement for the Twin Towers is still under debate -  I truly feel, if nothing else, its prominence on New York's skyline demonstrates the resilience of the American spirit in overcoming adversity. And as such, it will become our new reminder to never forget the horrific transgressions that fell on American soil, at the beginning of the 21st Century.



Sep 10, 2011
by Anonymous

love the smell of roses.

Tower skyscraper, the upper terrace and rose garden of flowers should be.

Sep 10, 2011
by Anonymous

demonstrating resilience is childish

being resilient is enough. and way cooler. and way stronger.

Sep 10, 2011
by Anonymous

Where is Islam apology?

"The planned adjoining buildings will be arranged around the Freedom Tower so that the sun's rays would emerge as a "wedge of light" from behind the new skyscrapers each year at the exact time of the attack to illuminate the square."

This is NYC? This is America? Commemorating the attack?

We should mourn? Oh, let's be depressed and in grief.

How about an apology from Saudi Arabia?

Sep 10, 2011
by Anonymous

An eye for an eye

Should have dropped a loaded-with-gas 757 (autopilot, no one aboard) on Mecca, the spiritual inspiration of Al-Qearda

Sep 11, 2011
by Anonymous

It's a ball-less approach...

We should have built the originals back...better....stronger....

Sep 11, 2011
by Anonymous

stop the hate

stop the hate because hate is the reason 9/11 happened.

Sep 12, 2011
by Ron Callari


When I noted "understanding" in my previous comment - I don't want this to be inferred by any stretch of the imagination that I am condoning the actions against this land, or dismissing the travesties that occured on 9/11. What I'm suggesting is that it's time to spend more time learning about the seeds of hate so we can arrive at better solutions for dealing with them. 10 years of wars (one in a country that had nothing to do with 9/11) has proven not to be the solution. Yes, bin Laden was killed - but his followers and other Muslim factions of Al Qaeda and the Taliban still continue to exist and plot against us every day. We know just as little today about how to deal with the enemy and how to develop rationale solutions, then we did 10 years ago.


Sep 18, 2011
by Anonymous

I understand all too well...

Some people just like death. Some people just like wars.

The people in the Middle East have been fighting in one war or another for thousands of years. It's how they have lived for generations. It's all they know, and it is unlikely to ever change.

These people glorify war, killing and dying in the name of their god. To them, death in a "holy war" is the highest honor.

Want to stop all of the fighting? You'll have to expose religions as the "seeds of hate".

Good luck with that. You see, these people also kill anyone who even draws a cartoon of their oh-so-holy leader.

Maybe you should take a trip to the Middle East and try your "understanding" there. I'd be most intrigued with how you make out.

Apr 25, 2012
by Anonymous

What a big Flop!

Not too mention the unbelievably long time it took for the bigwigs to come to a decision what building to place where- Im just embarrased for everyone to what was chosen over so may diffferent designs on what could of been & what is actually gonna be. Those Beautiful Twin Towers were New York!! They were America! That skyline before was so recognizable throughout the world- those Twin Towers said New York City!! To replace them with plain jane simple minded office towers that you can virtually drive anywhere in the world & see in any downtown is just an insult to the people of New york City & to this magnificent country & the so-called place for a sacred burial tomb for thousands of people is just to me a second rate job that looks rushed & pushed onto a ! kindergardener. I mean c'mon, that world trade center 1 has nothing! NOTHING! Nothing to say hey you terrorists, you knocked down 2 of our skyscrapers .This is what were putting back up to defy you!! LOL!! Too late Now!!

Apr 25, 2012
by Anonymous


Hey I agree!! Sometimes the most simplest things & we FLOP!!! That skyline will look no different than any other large city skyline with alot of buildings-As far as im concerned -when the Twin Towers died so did the character & IMAGE of New York City!!