Freeline Skates: The Offspring Of Skates And Skateboards

Freeline SkatesFreeline Skates

If a roller skate and a skateboard could have offspring, it would look something like the Freeline Skate. Freeline Skates look like mini skateboards, but they're meant to be ridden as if they were roller skates--one per foot.

Riding Freeline Skates isn't too difficult, if you're acclimated to riding a skateboard or roller skating. If you're not a skateboarder or roller skater, it may take some time to get used to Freeline Skates, but once you do, you'll enjoy the freedom they give the rider. 

Freeline CruisersFreeline Cruisers

Freeline Skates are ideal for skateboarders, anyone into wheeled sports or kids and the young at heart. They allow for sideways riding, and because they are built so close to the ground, they're very well balanced. Being low to the ground also allows for tighter turning. 

Freeline offers a few different skates to choose from, all of which have the same design. There's the Freeline Cruiser, the Freeline Grom and the Freeline Pro Skates. The prices vary on these skates, running from $80-$130. The Cruiser is the basic and the Pro is a higher quality skate. You can find each of these skates on Amazon.

Source: Freeline

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