Freelock Locking Bike Frame

It must be great to be a thief, filling the days doing nothing but pondering crafty new ways of skirting the advanced measures that the rest of society is taking to protect the sanctity and security of their belongings. Each new, innovative measure that lawful citizens make toward fortifying against illicit, thieving advances is quickly thwarted by the restless criminal collective imagination. Lawful society, comprised of people that have more pressing concerns, simply cannot keep up with their malicious ingenuity.

The dilemma of criminal advantage is illustrated no more poignantly than in the case of the bike lock. No matter how many different locks and methods of locking a bike there are, there's one more way of getting around the lock and making off with the bike or expensive parts thereof. Cutting bolts, cutting the fence that the bike is locked to, taking the locked wheel off the bike, pulling the sign out of the ground and slipping the lock right off, these are the tools with which the criminal earns his pay day.

Perhaps what we've needed all along is not a new bike lock, but a new bike. The Freelock bike concept by designers  Bong Hokuen & Ko Yoenjung is a bike that doubles as the lock. The frame is capable of locking around a fixed object and even rotates 90 degrees to accommodate vertical poles.  The security system looks pretty difficult to crack, particularly if you don't want to ruin the very bike that you're stealing. Talk about a deterrent.

One more deterrent inherent within this design:  the bike looks pretty ugly and uncomfortable and I think any sane criminal would pass it up for the Trek sitting next to it.

The Freelock helps to even the playing field. Unfortunately, you'll have to figure out how to ride a bike without wheels because without a chain lock to secure them, the wheels are sitting there for the taking. And unlike the awkward frame, those sweet red wheels look like they'd fetch top dollar. Damn those crafty thieves!

via: Yanko