Freerider Skatecycle Brings More Freedom To Skating


Combining the the trick-enabling size of a skateboard, two-wheel design of a bike and snaking functionality of a casterboard, the Freerider Skatecycle is a versatile piece of sporting gear that looks like it could provide years of pavement-rolling entertainment. Coming out of Brooklyn Workshop, the Skatecycle can seamlessly transform from a rigid, skateboard-like ride to a pivoting casterboard.

The Skatecycle includes two footboards set over top two polyurethane wheels and connected via a double-jointed axle that provides for individual-wheel turning. The frame is made of aluminum and composite.

Unlike most oddball sports gear in this category, you can actually put your money on a Skatecycle today. It runs $150. 

I think this thing looks like a ton of fun, but it needs a catchier name than "Skatecycle." That format just sounds like an odd piece of cult gear that we'll all laugh about one day. Kinda' like the monoski. Get a better name fast, and maybe this one won't suffer a quick fate of historical sports punchline. 

Check out some Skatecycle action below.