FreeWavz: Fitness Monitoring Smart Earphones


Yet another fitness tracker could hit the market soon, and this one also does the job of headphones--smart, wireless headphones--so it would eliminate the need for extra equipment at the gym or on the trails. FreeWavz are smart earphones with built-in fitness monitoring.

Designed by an ENT doctor for a great fit, FreeWavz not only plays clear and quality music, it gives you audio feedback on your heart rate and other fitness elements, like speed and distance covered. FreeWavz also monitors steps taken, calories burned, duration of work and O2 saturation. 

FreeWavz Fitness TrackerFreeWavz Fitness Tracker

FreeWavz is, of course, Bluetooth enabled, which allows you to connect to your smart phone or other device. It is also equipped with two mics, giving you an environmental listen through option, which allows you to set the earphones so that you can hear a percentage of environmental noise through your music. And the headphones operate independently, so you can set the volumes to different levels on each. 

FreeWavz Smart EarphonesFreeWavz Smart Earphones

The FreeWavz app allows you to keep track of your progress, as any fitness app would. It also allows you to set custom profiles for each of your activities. This can adjust the listen through and fitness metrics for each activity. For example, you may want about 50% listen through while biking, so you can hear traffic, but you may not want any listen through in the gym.

These earphones are also sweat and water resistant, weigh about .5 ounce and have a 6-8 hour battery life. The unfortunate thing is they aren't on the market yet. You can find out more about FreeWavz and how to pre-order a pair on their Kickstarter page. If you don't want to wait, you should take a look at this UP 24 bracelet fitness tracker. It is a currently one of the most popular fitness tracker options  and is available here.

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