French Decanters Make Wine a Centerpiece

veiny vinoveiny vino

Don't know what to do with all that wine you've been saving for some long-awaited special occasion? Why not break out some of those vintage reds and allow them to adorn your home in these limited edition wine decanters designed by French sculptor Etienne Meneau?

red, anyone?red, anyone?

Both Wine Decanter N°2 and Wine Decanter N°4 are made of borosilicate glass (also known as pyrex) and are purported to be both chemically and thermally durable. Standing at 65 centimeters (about 25 inches) high, they hold a perfect 750 mL -- the exact amount of liquid in a standard bottle of wine -- and make for an interesting centerpiece.

There is debate, however, over the practicality of these fascinating wine carafes: Can the wine breathe in its weblike glass cage? Some say as it fills the tubes it aerates, while others disagree. Also, you might want to exercise extreme caution whilst refilling empty glasses -- taking your guest's eye out isn't exactly good table manners, now, is it?








But you better hurry: these wine carafes are limited editions, and at a price tag of €2000, I imagine they must be going like hotcakes.

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