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French Fried Wacky Products


I love french fries. Love love love them!

It's pretty safe to say that we are a nation obsessed with thses lovely little morsels of hot crispy salty yum.

I read somewhere that when fried potatoes spread to America, they were called French fried potatoes. How did they get their name--pretty obvious it would seem to me, they came from France, and they were fried potatoes, so they were called "French fried potatoes." Duh!

There is a french fry controversy though...and I am not talking frech fries vs. freedom fries. Supposedly the verb "to french" in cooking has come to mean to cut in long, slender strips, and some people insist that "french fries" come from that term. However, the French fried potato was known since the middle 1800s, while the first use of the verb "to french" was suppsodely around 1895 (when people first started kissing - could it be - nah?), so it appears pretty convincing that "french fried potatoes" came before the verb "frenching." The origin of the name is thus the country of origin French and not the cooking term to french. So now you know something.

Today, with the worldwide popularity of McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's and others, its not surprising that French fries are often referred to as "American fries" in many countries.

Well, as a country who loves our french fries, I thought it very likely that we had tons of wacky products arising from our love of the potato boiled in oil. Much to my surprise, I found it most difficult to find any wacky french fry products. Thankfully, my hours of enxahustive research was not in total vain as I still found a few to amused you:

Yes, there are the various kid toys, miniatures and food gag items, but not much that is truly imaginative, fun or wacky. I am disappointed in my country and in my fellow fry lovers. Perhaps we are too busy to inventing new ways to prepare and eat our fries, so no free time to invent ways to pay homage to our fries.

10. We need to make sure that when you love your fries as much as I do, you have to have a special place for them in your heart and also in your car.

french fry holder

9. As I mentioned, there are a few toys around that look like french fries...nothing all that cool there. But here's a fun way to use tator tots, which I consider to be a special subset of french fry. I have actually tried this with real ones, but plastic probably would work better.



8. When you love fries, you want to hang them on your Christmas Tree and as a reminder that maybe this year, instead of that stupid flat screen tv, Santa will bring you some hot crispies, no?


7. When you love fries, you often wear your love on your sleeves, no? For me, its in the form of ketchup but for those more manly men, its in their cuffs.



Others choose to do it more subtly, on their heads.



6. If you can't eat them, you can always just squish them. But for me, having a stress ball that looks like french fries but that you can't eat would cause stress...thus defeating the purpose of the french fries stress ball. Don't you agree?


5. The burden of loving fries hang heavily on my gut, but for some the burden of loving fries means you wear them around your neck. I don't know if its really charming to wear food around your next, so why is it called a charm?


4. When you have a truly refined sense of taste and love fries, you probably want it preserved forever like a fine piece of art to gaze at lovingly in fine porcelain,no?


3. French fries make me smile. I think french fries probably make everyone smil, don't you? I guess it makes alot of sense that people would want to look at some french fries while they are having their picture taken. Move over cheese!



2. Frequently, when I am talking to folks on the phone, my mind drifts and I think about how great it would be to have someone bring me some tasty fries. With this product, I would never be able to think of anything else.



1. And of course, as a connoisseur, not just any fries will do for my phone, I need my McD's.



.... Ok, so the wacky stuff is not so wacky. I challenge you to find better!!