French Inline Skater Sets World Record For Highest Frefall

 Over the past weekend, Frenchman Taig Khris, an "extreme inline skating champion" bombed off the Eiffel Tower on his skates and set a world freefall record off the Parisian monument. From a platform some 41 feet above a huge skating ramp, Khris leapt, skated it out and then dropped to his back side and flew into some foam. The previous record of 28 feet was set by skater Danny Way in Las Vegas back in April of '06. 

There's a little bit of controversy surrounding the jump since Khris ended up skidding across half the ramp in seated position. It looks to me like he dropped down to prepare to stop, though, so it seems legit. My only point of contention is that Khris did it on inline skates, not exactly the most contemporary form of sporting gear. Also his nickname of "ramp warrior" shouldn't be the moniker of a world record holder. Way bomb-dropped on a skateboard and doesn't have such a lame nickname as far as I'm aware. 

Trifling arguments aside, this jump clearly took balls of steel. Watch it go down in the video below. 

Those arguing against the jump reminds me a little of the time when Jamie Pierre set the world cliff jumping record (on skis) with a ginormous 255-foot jump off a Teton cliff and landed on his head. I embedded that one too because it's pretty incredible. Don't worry, amazingly, Pierre skied away with just a bloody lip. It does present a good question: should the landing count in jump records or is it all about the air? Weigh in below. 

Via: Yahoo News