Frequent Fliers Reveal Little Pieces of Airport Heaven With Airport Havens

Frequent fliers need every opportunity they can get to get their work done, but crowded airports can make for inconvenient distractions. Now, Airport Havens lets frequent fliers reveal the little pieces of heaven they've found when traveling to airports around the US that allow them to get their work done interruption free!

No one likes waiting in the airport terminal, which is an inevitable part of flying, especially when your flight is delayed or you have a long layover to wait out. But delays at the airport can be an ideal time for frequent fliers to catch up on work using the laptops they tote during their travels, or make a discreet cell phone call to check in at the office. However, it can be challenging to find a quiet spot that lets you get your work done without interruption or prying eyes.

With this in mind, Airport Havens recently launched to allow frequent fliers to reveal their airport escapes, where they find privacy and solitude when traveling. While it is a great service for those looking for a quiet workspace in an airport terminal; revealing your top secret airport havens may quickly turn them into highly-trafficked areas that will serve your purposes no more.