Fresh Moves Bus: A Farmer's Market On Wheels

As a major advocate for purchasing and consuming local foods, and a produce-loving vegetarian, farmer's Chicago's Fresh Moves BusChicago's Fresh Moves Busmarkets are among my favorite things in the world.  The only problem is that farmer's markets aren't everywhere when you need them. While there's still a way to go before everyone has unlimited, easy access to locally grown produce, businesses like The Fresh Moves bus in Chicago aim to change that.

The Fresh Moves Bus knows that there are many benefits to shopping at a farmer's market, and since education about these benefits, as well as accessibility is an issue for many people, they have taken the artisan business structure on the move using a bus.

Owner/operators of Chicago's Fresh Moves Bus grasps the notion that many loyal farmer's market shoppers understand and appreciate. That not only is buying healthy food more appealing when you're interacting with the people that grew the food. But, also that local produce at a farmer's market also tends to come at a lower price point than when you trek through your local Walmart Supercenter or Trader Joes.

Fresh Moves Founders: Left to right: Steve Casey, Sheela Muhammad, Jeff PinzinoFresh Moves Founders: Left to right: Steve Casey, Sheela Muhammad, Jeff Pinzino

If you're a shopper who is worried about ethical buying (based on human resources practices) or supporting your local economy, that's also another benefit. You only need to turn on the national news to see the labor-related protests and viral uproar happening, per this Forbes article (among others) with a popular big box grocer to remember that. Through discussion with a farmer, even those not previously educated on the contrast will realize how very different the circumstances are behind the production and sale of their favorite agricultural products. And that, in itself, can sway people to reconsider where and how they shop to feed their families.

Fresh Moves ProduceFresh Moves Produce

Unfortunately, lack of accessibility to farmer's markets means that people in many communities just don't get that it is worth the effort to shop at a farmer's market. Those that do not live in rural areas may, at best, have access to a periodic setup in the parking lot of a local mall (or somewhere similar) once every week or month. These may not be accessible, or they may simple be so packed full of shoppers that there's little time for educational conversation between farmer and customer.

As a result, The Fresh Moves Bus also really focus on interacting with shoppers, and educating them on each of those benefits outlined above, as well as on meal planning ideas. After all, those that have not typically focused on meal preparation with fresh, local ingredients are not as likely to realize what absolutely delicious healthful meals they can make with the items on offer. Including meals that are cost-effective, easy to make, and enjoyable for all members of any family.

Fresh Moves LogoFresh Moves Logo

The Fresh Moves Bus also carries other items typically found at local farmer's markets. Plus, the location of this business concept is a draw in itself! I can't think of a more fun, kitschy way to shop for colorful produce than on a bus as bright as the fresh options it sells - can you? 

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