Freshness Burger's Peanut Butter Burger Is Jammed With Asparagus

Freshness Burger's limited edition Peanut Butter Burger picks up where Elvis Presley's favorite sandwich left off. Unfortunately, the Japanese fast food chain left off the bananas and added onions, bacon, lettuce and (shudder) asparagus.

If some readers find the concept of slathering a hamburger with peanut butter weird; topping it with asparagus will certainly compound their disgust. Why would Freshness Burger do that?? There's a method to their madness...

The Peanut Butter Burger is only sold at one Freshness Burger store located in the Shisui Premium Outlets mall, east of Tokyo and just south of Narita Airport. The town of Shisui is famous for its peanuts (or so we're told) and as such, the peanut butter sticking to the roof of your bun is no ordinary peanut butter: it's made from locally grown “ground nuts”, contains no sugar, and exhibits a slightly grainy consistency.

The beef burger weighs in at 113 grams or about 1/4 pound. Freshness Burger's chefs sought to complement (or ameliorate) the strong and slightly salty taste of Shisui peanut butter by adding specially selected toppings including lettuce, a thick slab of grilled onion, bacon, and some spears of asparagus.

Our guess is Japanese parents find it hard to get their kids to eat certain vegetables and this is one way to fool 'em. We've got a newsflash, Japanese parents: your kids aren't so easily fooled.

Freshness Burger has priced their Peanut Butter Burger at 600 yen (just under $5) each. A combo with fries and a drink goes for 900 yen ($8.60) and if you sub onion rings for the fries you're looking at 950 yen ($9.05) for the set. Last but not least, when receiving your order be sure to sneer at your server and say “Thank you... thank you very much.” (via Gigazine, Emilin, and Retroactive Mind)

Jan 8, 2014
by John P. Barker
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