Freyagushi Couture Designs: Medicine Meets Fashion With Gory Clothing

With all this talk of swine flu and sickness, I couldn't help but wonder what interesting clothing items were out there to help those who want to dress up and play nurse. While that naturally brings up connotations of the sexy "naughty nurse", there is nothing attractive about the medical designs that I came across; which are better described as gory, graphic, and imaginative, with a touch of femininity.

Medical Contessa Couture TutuMedical Contessa Couture Tutu

Freyagushi's fashion designs are certainly not for the faint at heart; while some do have a whimsical girly feel with their use of ruffles, the majority of the fashion items consist of bandage type apparel, nurse cross accessories, and let's not forget about the gallons of blood.

Medical Victorian TopMedical Victorian Top

Like many couture fashions, Freyagushi's gory medical apparel probably isn't something that will make it off the runways onto the streets of Los Angeles, but they could make interesting (and pricey) costumes sure to terrify.

Jul 22, 2009
by Anonymous

Hello, i am the owner and

i am the owner and designer of Freyagushi label.My aim with the medical pieces isn't to sew other nurse or kinky outfits ! I see those most as ' art ' pieces , statements..instead of using words and screenprinting i use bandages and medical tools.Obviously they will never be mainstream..but they are my little experiment aside of my non medical work.The more it will go the more i will make those more as wearable art pieces.

All these pieces are handmade in London ( uk ) from materials bought in that country.They aren't made in china or elsewhere on a massive scale but made to order especially for you.Therefore i do not agree with the use of 'pricey ' . Pricey doesn't mean anything in itself.All those are a lot of work and the price isn't massive for something as elaborated and designed for you.

To end i will add that the pieces posted here are unfortunately discontinued due to problems with the red cross organisation .They seem to think freyagushi clothing could be mistaken for nurse uniform.The new medical collection shall be ready in september 2009.
all the best ,