Fridet Cleans Toddler Butts Like Nobody's Business


Fear not ragged parents of dirty bum tots everywhere! The Fridet is here to save the day! Filling the previously untapped market of baby and toddler bidets, the Fridet is poised to make a splash in the arena of toddler butt cleanliness. Known for their innovative products, the Nosefrida (aka snot sucker) and the Windi (fart releaser), the people at Fridababy have come back with this new product.



Unlike adult bidets, the Fridet is conveniently portable. It can be used on any child old enough to use the toilet (provided that they are at least 6 months old). The Fridet is basically a squeeze bottle with a curved spout cap. The bottle is filled with water, which means that the child avoids the irritation of chemicals and fragrances that are so often in wipes. There is no paper waste and fewer rashes. The child or adult simply turns over the bottle, aims the spout in the desired direction for cleaning and then squeezes.



The Fridet has a rubber washer inside the spout to prevent leaking and comes with a water resistant carrying bag. Fridet also works well for new mothers healing from childbirth.

Sources: Fridababy