Freshness For Your Fridge: ExtraLife Produce Preserver Disks

Are you an avid purchaser of vegetables/fruit? Do you stare at them in bewilderment after their 2 day stay in the refrigerator leaves them mould riddled? If the answer to both these questions is yes and you want to keep your food fresh for longer, then ExtraLIfe's Produce Preserver Disks could be just the ticket. The idea? Pop a disk into your refrigerator bin and enjoy fresher food. The details? Come on in and see for yourself...

Amidst a plethora of tupperware products, all of which claim to keep food fresher for longer, it certainly seems that there is space for a technological twist to food lovers' ultimate goal - fresh food. So what, if anything, sets ExtraLife apart from its rivals in this war for freshness?

Fresh produce with apparently little hassleFresh produce with apparently little hassle

The minds behind ExtraLife Produce Preserver Disks aim to preserve your food and keep it fresher for longer (approximately several days to be sort of exact). Once the disk has been placed into your refrigerator bin and the strip has been removed, the device becomes active. This sets in motion ExtraLife's food preserving mechanisms. The way the product works appears to be fairly simple. As products begin to ripen they release a gas called ethylene. ExtraLife's device works by neutralizing this gas which often builds up in the refrigerator bin. In this way, the products are not exposed to the freshness-sapping gas and thus retain their mineral content and taste for that little bit longer.

All about freshness: ExtraLife Produce Preserver DisksAll about freshness: ExtraLife Produce Preserver Disks

There is certainly a question to be asked regarding the usefulness of products such as these, not to mention the safety issues. However, whilst many people may not actually keep fruit and vegetables in the refrigerator for a long period of time, I could personally write a novel about the various, and disturbingly mud-colored vegetables which have often awaited me in my refrigerator. 

Priced at around $15, a set of 3 preserver disks will provide you with fresher vegetables and fruits for a total of 9 months, after which time new disks must be purchased.

So what's the verdict? If you keep vegetables and fruits in your refrigerator for a while and prefer them fresh as opposed to mouldy, then surely throwing a little disk into the refrigerator bin every 3 months is worth it. Early safety indications are also positive, as the device simply uses the ethylene gas already produced by the fruits and vegetables as they sit happily and hopefully in the refrigerator bin.

You can read reviews and purchase ExtraLife on Amazon here.

Source: ExtraLlife