Fridgeezoo Animals Help Keep Your Fridge Chilly


If you are sick of your kids, spouse or roommate leaving the fridge door open then you should take a look at the Fridgeezoo creations out of Japan.  These cute animal friends come in a milk carton shaped form and are meant to be placed inside your refrigerator.  They start out friendly enough, greeting you when you open the fridge, but quickly turn on you if you keep the door open for too long.

They come in four cold weather animal designs – penguin, walrus, seal and polar bear and would likely be very popular with young kids, possibly to the point of rendering the gadget pointless.  After all, if the kids find it amusing enough that they are opening the fridge more often than usual then this device will probably not be worth it.  However, if you or another adult in the household has trouble with remembering to close the refrigerator properly, then this could come in very handy.

This gadget could also be useful for catching your roommate trying to sneak your last piece of chocolate cake.  And yes, the Fridgeezoos do greet and chastise you in English. 

Source: Craziest Gadgets

Oct 26, 2010
by Anonymous


I love the part where it chastises you in English. If only Fridgeezoo animals were invented way back in college, my roommate would have been terrified while getting my milk carton.

And yeah, this will be pointless when you have kids around your home. They'll want to open the fridge every now and then just to take a look at the cute animals inside the fridge - not a big help. 

Oct 27, 2010
by Kim Patterson

Me too

I had many a roomate/food experience back in college that would have been helped by this gadget.