Friends Forever Tampons: Two Girls One String

It's no secret that women have some bizarre bonding rituals but this one takes the cake, or menstruation, rather.  Thanks to Friends Forever Tampons, you and your favorite lady friend can not only be joined at the hip, you can be joined at the vagina, too.

Friends Forever Tampons have gotten a lot of buzz recently and it's no wonder why.  Kat Thek, the creator or "CEFlow" as she told Huffpost, has brought the term blood sisters to a whole new level.

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The design is simple, two tampons connected by one long string, it's the way it's meant to be used that has some people raising their eyebrows.

Women do almost everything with their best friends and now when "that time of the month" arrives, you and your BFF can even bleed together, literally.

It takes little imagination to figure out how this product works, just think of a tandem bike, or in this case a tandem tampon.  It works for just as long as any other tampon, except now you have two flows to worry about.  "We guarantee that Friends Forever Tampons will bring you extremely close to your best friend for up to eight hours at a time," Thek told The Cut.

Photo Credit: Friends Forever on TumblrPhoto Credit: Friends Forever on Tumblr

Friends Forever Tampons make for a hilarious gag gift and are currently being sold at various retail stores in New York but Thek has plans to take her product overseas.  If you're in the neighborhood and want to check them out, you can see when and where they are scheduled to appear by visiting the Friends Forever website on Tumblr.

Some questions have been raised with these tampons, for instance, what if you have a friend that lives far away?  No worries because Thek told Huffpost that she is "happy to make custom lengths for those seeking added closeness or to accommodate long-distance best friends."

And what if you have multiple best friends?  Thek interviewed with The Cut and said that she is happy to supply custom group tampons for "bridal showers, corporate team-building events, and assorted Lilith Fairs."

Then there's the concern of women who choose other methods to deal with menstruation such as pads.  According to Thek, soon that won't be a problem either:
"We are not able to reveal the proprietary design details, but we can confirm that Friends Forever Maxi Pads will make it easy to get into the flow and ride horses/dance in white pants with your best friend."

I've inquired about the price of Friends Forever Tampons and will update the article as soon as I hear back but until then, follow Thek's advice and "let friendship flow."

UPDATE: Friends Forever Tampons has responded to our question about price and said that, "the official price is set by each individual retailer."  They are also graciously sending a press sample, let's see who the lucky ladies are who get to try it out.

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