Frightened Grasshopper Solar Bug Kit – Fun and Educational Jumping Robot

The Frightened Grasshopper Solar Bug Kit, from Elenco, is not only a just-for-fun gadget for kids and adults, it also is an educational robot.   When this unusual insect sees the light of day, or any other type of light for that matter, his legs, antennas and eyes begin to jiggle, jump and gyrate in a frenzied sort of way.

 Solar Frightened GrasshopperSolar Frightened Grasshopper

But what makes this little grasshopper robot even more interesting, is that he does not require any batteries - he is totally solar operated.  Children will learn how alternative energy can make all sorts of things run without the use of electricity or batteries.  And with normal use, the solar cell in the grasshopper should last around two years.  

Solar Frightened GrasshopperSolar Frightened Grasshopper

This product is not recommended for young children since it has several small parts.  A great little gift exchange item, gift for a teacher or for the person who has everything, The Frightened Grasshopper Solar Bug Kit retails for around $11. (Buy here)

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