Frito-Lay Japan Butters Up Seafood-Lovin' Snackers With Grilled Scallop Cheetos

Frito-Lay Japan's newest Cheetos flavor channels the sublime taste of freshly grilled Hokkaido scallops swimming in creamery butter and full-bodied, fragrant soy sauce. The photo on the front of each 75gm (2.645 oz) bag displays exactly that: a plump, juicy scallop on the half-shell, topped with a dollop of butter and a jigger of soy sauce, cooking away over a flame-licked, portable BBQ grill. YUM!!

Japanese snacks, drinks and foods often evoke the flavors of Hokkaido, the country's northernmost province, drawing upon its reputation for fresh, healthful & wholesome products bursting with bold flavor.

In the case of Cheetos Hokkaido Scallop Butter Soy Sauce taste snacks, all three main players boast a Hokkaido connection – attested to by the bag's prominent green graphic depicting the island province.

In the customary press release announcing this latest twist in the Cheetos saga, Frito-Lay Japan extols the flavor as being appealing to both adults and children. They then go further by declaring the “addictive” taste to be a habit you'll never tire of eating; then in the next breath pull the rug out from under us by suggesting the whole family should enjoy these unique marine creature Cheetos for a limited time. How shellfish, er, selfish of them!

Indeed, Cheetos Hokkaido Scallop Butter Soy Sauce taste snacks will only be sold from July 7th through July 31st of 2014. Snap 'em up while you can or clam up once August rolls around.