Frito-Lay Japan Jumps On The Minions Bandwagon With New Banana Cheetos

The billion-dollar grossing film Minions has made the titular characters a worldwide phenomenon while endowing products they promote with a rare appeal... or should that be a peel? Case in point: Banana Cheetos from Frito-Lay Japan.

Officially released on August 10th, “Cheetos Banana Taste” eschew the corn puffs' usual cheesiness for the distinct flavor of sweet banana chips sprinkled with plenty of sugar, fragrant cinnamon and coarse salt. Yummy!

Banana Cheetos will be sold nationwide – if Japan be your nation – in 75gm (just over 2.5 oz) bags emblazoned with a blue stripe bearing the word “MINIONS” in Japanese, along with an image of main minions Stuart, Kevin, and Bob.

Snap 'em up as soon as you can: Banana Cheetos are a limited edition release due to be discontinued on November 30th, 2015. If you miss out, you just might go bananas.

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