Frito-Lay Japan's Latest Limited Edition Luxury Snack: Mike Rich Cheese Popcorn

Who needs Grey Poupon when Mike Rich Cheese Popcorn tantalizes the senses with the luxurious taste of aged Camembert cheese and the sublime fragrance of fine French truffles? Our next question is... what wine goes with bagged popcorn?

Frito-Lay Japan offers a not-so-subtle hint right on the front of the bag... red wine, of course! Or perhaps a rare and complex brandy considering the stemmed glass more closely resembles a snifter than a wine glass. Why not both! We're sure you one-percenters have sufficient stock secreted in your underground cellars. Do let us know the results, hmm?

But back to the snack... Mike Rich Cheese Popcorn sure does look ritzy though Frito-Lay Japan offers no indication they'll be sold at a premium. They do advise the Japan-wide national release date (October 27th of 2014) and the “final sales date” of December 31st, 2014.

That's right, snack food aficionados, you've got just under six weeks in which to get your appetite to Japan and nom-nom-nom like a boss – a Mr Burns-ish, Fortune 500 CEO-type boss – before Frito-Lay puts the kibosh on your crunchy Rich Cheese fix.

We can see the wheels turning... and clearing space for cases of 50-gram (just under 2 ounce) bags of Mike Rich Cheese Popcorn among the Chateaux Margaux is doomed to fail. Frito-Lay Japan advises that, sealed bags notwithstanding, the shelf life of this superior snack is a mere 6 months from the date of manufacture.