Frito-Lay Japan's Coffee and Green Tea Snacks Create a Buzz

Frito-Lay Japan has decided that "Coffee Crisp" should be more than just a pretty name. Their new Caramel Macchiatto and Green Tea Latte flavor corn chips pack two cups of coffee's worth of caffeine into each bag.

The so-called "caffeine snacks", just introduced to the Japanese market on January 19, are basically puffed corn bites that use real coffee, chocolate, tea and milk to provide a pleasing flavor that is, to most North Americans, very un-Fritos-like.

The sweet flavors also mask any residual bitterness from the star ingredient: caffeine. Each bag contains 150 mg of the eye-opening stimulant naturally found in coffee and, to a lesser degree, tea.

Frito-Lay Japan has been very active in testing out unusual snack flavors with Strawberry Cheetohs being a good (relatively speaking) example. The company also markets Honey-Butter Doritos in Japan so it's safe to say they're up for anything.

These caffeine snacks do sound promising, perhaps more for their content than for their taste. Students cramming for exams and workers pulling all-nighters to beat a deadline will love them - why drink coffee and munch corn chips separately when Frito-Lay's conveniently combined them for your nerve-jangling pleasure? (via Japan Marketing News and Frito-Lay Japan)