Frog Backpack Gets The Jump On Back-to-School Fashion

Kick your schoolday fashion quotient into high gear with the Frog Backpack from Japan's Tokyo Otaku Mode. The shiny (not slimy) backpack features straps disguised as amphibian arms and “skin” as green as a new lily pad.

This “amazingly realistic” (size notwithstanding) frog backpack was designed by Shin', one of TOM's special creators known for her love of audacious cosplay and talent for crafting unique article of clothing by hand.

Measuring 38 x 23 x 13 cm (14.9 x 9.06 x 5.12 inches) with a load capacity of approximately 2 kg or almost 4.5 pounds, the Frog Backpack isn't something you'll want to take on challenging mountain day-hikes or wilderness adventure vacations.

Rather, this small but commodious rucksack is ideal for urban office commuters, stylish students or weekend warriors setting their sights on the coolest fashion district boutiques and shops. 

The designer herself states the Frog Backpack was created to be a fashionable fashion item, and advises owners to “be careful not to pack it too heavy, fold it, iron it, or expose it to extended high temperatures.” Much like an actual frog, coincidentally... or not.

Tokyo Otaku Mode stocks (at press time) the Frog Backpack but the $249.99 sticker price might make you choke – or croak, as the case may be. On the bright side, shipping worldwide via safe, secure and speedy EMS post is free so hop to it and order yours today!

EDITOR'S NOTE: If you want a frog backpack but need something more affordable, there is a huge selection of adorable frog backpacks here. 

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