The Frosting Deco Pen Takes Your Baking To The Next Level


I love to bake and can create some pretty amazing tasting confections, but unfortunately when it comes to decorating these pieces of pastry perfection, I often fall short.  I can come up with all kinds of creative decorating ideas, yet I just don’t seem to be able to execute them.   Then again, maybe it is more about not having the right tools than lacking in the skills department.  I can always hope and the Frosting Deco Pen by Kuhn Rikon may be just the tool to take my decorating from frustrating to fabulous.



The pen is battery powered and is refillable with the frosting of your choosing (the popular commercial frostings are listed as working well with this device).  It comes with three frosting chambers so that you could easily switch from one color to the next; it also says that you can mix colors in the cartridge, though I am not quite sure how this works.  There are six different tips included, for creating a number of decoration effects.  One tip is even specifically for filling so that you can fill your cupcakes and muffins with fun surprises.



The filler plates that come with the pen are meant to keep the whole process mess-free and the battery powered action should mean you don’t have to worry about trying to squeeze the frosting out smoothly.  This is an item I will be investigating further. You can find the frosting pen here.




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