Fruit Wrap Toilet Paper Juices Up Any Bathroom Decor

Award-winning “The Fruits Toilet Paper” from Japan's Latona Marketing design studio  will add a little sweetness to any bathroom, though users will quickly find its beauty is only skin deep. 

The No-Smell, No-Tell Toilet Paper

It's hard to improve upon something so basic as toilet paper but somehow, Latona Marketing Inc. has managed to do just that... sort of. You see, “The Fruits Toilet Paper” itself isn't all that different from standard store-bought TP once you remove the wrapper.

It's the wrapper, however, that makes all the difference and these rolls' luxuriously fruity wraps are what garnered Latona Marketing the platinum Pentaward for 2015. Sucks to  be you, Charmin!

The Appeal's In The Peel

Available in Watermelon, Strawberry, Kiwifruit and Orange, “The Fruits Toilet Paper” ensconces the utilitarian tissue in an appealingly er, tasteful wrapper. Users will be proud to place unused rolls out in the open instead of hiding them away under the bathroom cabinet.

This Season, Give The Gift Of Toilet Paper!

According to Latona Marketing, it seems that “Many companies and stores throughout Japan give a roll of toilet paper to customers as a novelty gift to show their appreciation.” Who knew? Order your own “The Fruits Toilet Paper” direct from the Latona Marketing website where it's offered either as a four-roll assorted fruits set or in 48-roll, single-fruit bulk packages. (via Japan Today)