Fruit4Thought: Fruit Delivery Service For Toronto Office Workers

The need for convenient healthy snacks, often delivered to homes or offices, has bred a large number of businesses because let's face it, people like things better when they're easy! Well, there's a new one on its radar, and this one hits close to home for me, coming to your from Toronto, Canada.


Having commuted into and worked in Toronto myself, I know that managing to eat in the downtown core at anytime of day, especially the lunch hour, is a near impossible task, and you can't afford to be picky about what you're getting. In most locations, fruit is hard to come by, and understanding this Fruit4Thought has found their niche. The concept really couldn't be any simpler, they deliver fresh fruit, and it's the kind that won't perish in a day.

By the crate, offices can order fresh fruit to keep their employees blood sugar up for productivity. You can choose from a small crate of 25 servings of fruit, or a large crate with 50 which will contain a variety of apples, pears, grapefruit, grapes, bananas, peaches/nectarines and plums. Hey, even if this means extra effort and expense by Toronto offices, at least it will save the midday whines of "I'm hungggrryy" and the extra long lunch hours when the lineup in the food court is unmoving.

UPDATE: Fruit4Thought is no longer in business.